"Commitment in quality, flexibility and environmental care"

Leonidas Psiliakos & Co Ltd. has been run by the same family for 2 generations spanning back 50 years. Since then it has carved out a name as a specialist in manufacturing hotel & medical equipment for healthcare institutions. The company holds a wide range product portfolio providing tailored made solutions in order to ensure the best customer satisfaction, in aesthetic or financial terms.

Flexibility, professionalism, responsibility and passion about healthcare products are some of the factors that enable the company to gain the leadership in the Greek market and to build up a lengthy reference list throughout the world. The highly quality of the produced products in combination with customer - oriented policy lead the company to establish a brand name well recognizable in many countries.

Leonidas Psiliakos & Co Ltd, as a quality oriented company, is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. All of the produced products are CE marked and under warranty, following the highest International Standards. The company operates in an owned building of 2500m2 in Athens with fully qualified staff and modern equipment. All the production processes are designed in respect to the environment (member WEEE) as well as to the health of our employees.