325 Series
pneumatic / electrical
hospital bed

325 Series hospital beds - Plastic 325 Series hospital beds - Wood 325 Series hospital beds - Plastic
Trendelenburg - antiTrendelenburgTrendelenburg: 10° Anti-Trendelenburg: 8° optional
Τhe sections of the bed move simultaneously in a manner that they don't discomfort the patient and they support the body from sliding on the mattress. In that way no pressure is applied to the vital organs.
Back SectionBack section 80° simultaneously with fowler 25° and also reducing the height of the middle section 150 mm.
length: 1970mm - 2220mm
width: 880mm - 950mm - 1030mm w/siderails

325 Series pneumatic / electrical

Removable head and foot panels available on plastic/wood / aluminum / inox.

Castors (Different type and diameter upon request).

Sleeping surface made of perforated sheet / ABS / Radio-translucent H.P.L.

Receptions for IV pole and lifting pole.

4 elastic bumpers.

Patient handset (for electrical version).


  • Side rails made of plastic / metal / wood.
  • IV pole 2 / 4 hooks).
  • Lifting pole: epoxy / stailess steel.
  • Chart holder: stainless steel / plastic.
  • Set of stainless steel balcan beams.
  • Mattress from latex / polyurethane with cover.
  • Urine sack holder.


  • Nurse controls for locking controlling and programming movements (electrical version).
  • Patient control embedded in the plastic side rails (electrical version).
  • Build in length extension.
  • Panels base made of ABS.
  • X-ray translucent back section with cassette tray positioning system.
  • Side base panel cover made of metal / wood.
  • Side frame panel cover from wood (wood version).
  • Manual CPR (electrical version).In this case patient is able to operate manually the beds surface movements.
  • Battery.
  • Scale.