325 Basic

325 Series
Pneumatic / Electrical



Removable head and foot panels available on plastic/wood/aluminum/inox.
Castors (Different type and diameter upon request).
Sleeping surface made of perforated sheet / ABS / Radio-translucent H.P.L.
Receptions for IV pole and lifting pole.
4 elastic bumpers.
Patient handset (for electrical version).

This product can be fitted with optional accessories.

Back section 80° simultaneously with fowler 25° and also reducing the height of the middle section 150 mm


Trendelenburg 10°
Anti-Trendelenburg 6°
Not available in Basic version

Τhe sections of the bed move simultaneously in a manner that they don’t discomfort the patient and they support the body from sliding on the mattress. In that way no pressure is applied to the vital organs.

Panels & Siderails

  • Plastic frames with internal panel

  • Plastic frames without internal panel

  • Aluminium frame with internal laminated panels

  • Plastic siderails with internal panel.

  • Plastic siderails without internal panel.

  • Metal side rails with internal panel from laminate.

    Optionally from stainless steel.

Optional Features & Controls

  • Sleeping Surface

    ABS: Sleeping surface made of detachable ABS for easy cleaning and disinfection.
    Steel Sheets: Sleeping surface made of steel sheets.

  • Wheels Lock

    Directional ability of one of the front castors
    Free movement of all four castors
    Simultaneous braking of all four castors


  • Stainless steel IV pole

    Two or four hooks.

  • Foam Mattress

    with cover

  • Lifting pole

    Metal (painted)

  • BRAUN system

    Stainless steel

  • balkan beans

    Stainless steel

  • Scale

  • Chart holder


  • Accessories Holder

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