8037 Hemodialysis



Couch 8037-Hermes was designed for use in various areas, mainly for dialysis and chemotherapy.
It has up to 5 motors for electric height adjustment, back, pelvis and legs sections’ adjustment, trendelenburg adjustment as well as manual adjustment of the head section in order to provide maximum service to staff and patients.
It is additionally offered with many options such as paper roll holder, integrated lighting, removable table, footpedals etc.
Basic version includes wheels with brakes, adjustable armrests, padded foot support, head pillow, mechanisms’ cover from moulded ABS and contoured surface with high quality leatherette suitable for medical use.

Couch padded with high quality artificial leather.
Matress thickness 100mm.
TENTE castors with central operating break .
diam. 100mm (optional: twin wheels).
Adjustable arm supports.
Mechanism cover from molded ABS.
Max. load 200kg.

Height adjustment from 600 to 960 mm.
Back section adjustment from 0° to 70°.
Legs section adjustment from 0° to 55°.
Trendelenburg up to 25°.
Manual head section adjustment 0° to 15°.
Manual footrest adjustment 300mm (optional
electrical 200mm).
Maximum length 2050mm.
Width 650mm.


Back section -10° to +85°.

Feet section 0 - 85°

Seat width 650mm.

Trendelenburg 12°.

Optional Features & Controls

  • Εlectrically adjustable footrest

  • Plain seamless surface

  • Bucket surface seamless


  • Pockets for patient’s personal belongings (one side installation)

  • Push/pull handles.

  • Pillow for head support

  • Reading light LED

  • Paper roll holder

  • Τable with wheels with optional tilt function

  • Telescopic, stainless steel infusion pole, with two hooks.

  • Stainless steel IV pole

    Two or four hooks.

  • Scale

  • Independent adjustment of armrests inclination

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